Expert Cleaning & Repair

All rugs are hand washed in our own rug-cleaning facility.

We use hand washing methods suitable to the particular needs of each individual rug depending on the condition, pile fiber content, dyes, foundation type and weaving type of the rug. we rinse all of the  residue soap. We thoroughly rinse to ensure that all soap is removed.

We have successfully remedied all kinds of stains, including pet accidents, dye bleeds and water and moisture damage.

Please feel free to contact us with any specific concerns you may have.

We understand that your delicate fabrics are an expensive investment that, unlike regular carpets and upholstery, can last up to 150 years or more with proper care and attention.

Details of the process:

  • Inspection: We will determine as much as we possibly can about the type of rug and inherent qualities that may affect cleaning,  including pre-cleaning security for older rugs and the stability of the dyes.
  • Dry Soil Removal.  We use a variety of techniques to “dust” the rugs from the front and back. This is the most important step in cleaning your rugs…get the loose soil out before the wash begins.
  • Pre-Spot and Fringe Protection: Any difficult spots and fringe will be pre-treated to increase our success for removal.
  • Hand shampoo for maximum cleaning while protecting sensitive natural fibers.
  • Rinse & flushed several times to remove all soap.
  •  Drying. Proper drying is essential to avoid rug damage or shrinkage.

Repair & Restoration

If your Oriental rug is damaged and needs restoration, our expert repair department can help with that too. You can trust us to use age-old repair techniques to restore your rug to its original condition. Please contact us for more information.